Med-Tech Symposium

Date : 24th and 25th March 2022

Venue :   Foundation for CfHE, IIT Hyderabad


Sl No Sessions Speakers
1 Heath care industry in IndiaNow & Tomorrow) One per Verticals
2 Healthcare Incubation Scenario in India From Leading healthcare Industries
3 Govt Initatives- Funding Channels & Options From govt agencies,..
4 Perceptives in Fellowship Program- Stakeholder Perspective From Hospitals/Manufacturers/VC/ etc
5 What VC look for? VC
6 Grant Pitch (call for application, FRegistration fee) From good startups
7 Early Pitching- Early Expression of Incubation Current Batch(2020-21 Fellows)
8 Healthcare Product/Process/innovation Expo Companies:5-10years (TRL5-TRL9)