To evolve into a platform that brings together engineers, scientists, clinicians, designers & business administrators towards inovation in healthcare


To  achieve universal healthcare by igniting the spark of entrepreneurship in our youth and provide them with focused education, training and top-notch mentorship. 

 To catalyse healthcare innovation to bring about affordable solutions to address healthcare needs of India.



The fellowship program in Healthcare Entrepreneurship at CfHE is a unique world-class program of one year for healthcare...

CfHE Incubation ECO System

CfHE as a DST approved TBI is evisaged as a continuum that partners with you and builds your company

Hub and Spoke Model

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers of development. Among the most vibrant areas for entrepreneurship is the healthcare...



A Platform for implementing NMDP 2023

CFHE is an ideal platform well aligned with the National medical devices policy 2023 in creating new and innovative medical devices, development and […]

CfHE Medtech Symposium 2023

CfHE welcomes you to the third edition of Med Tech Symposium to be hosted on 11th & 12th March 2023 @ CfHE, IIT Hyderabad. […]

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