Hub and Spoke Model

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers of development. Among the most vibrant areas for entrepreneurship is the healthcare segment of our country. The growth of this sector is forecast @ CAGR 16% to further increase over the coming years, implying enormous potential for entrepreneurs.

CfHE is initiating new approaches to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare segment in the country. This is born out of the conviction that the enhancement of local innovation ecosystems—characterized by effective partnerships and coordination amongst stakeholders—would improve the enabling environment for healthcare entrepreneurship.

Hub and Spoke Model we try to:


  • Build innovation communities of entrepreneurs in campuses
  • Share network of mentors, partners and investors
  • Generate value for stakeholders:
    • Train “N” individuals
    • Incubate “L” companies
    • Bring to market “M” products, services
    • Bring in “X” investments
    • Create “Y” direct jobs
    • Generate “INR Z” million in revenue

Our Key value propositions:


  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Portfolio of services that mutually reinforce each other
  • Follow-up mentoring and contact brokering with potential partners and investors.
  • Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication Skills infused