Fellowship Program 2023 – ’24



CfHE fellowship Program: Duration 1 year

  • This program aims at bringing together engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and the business community on a single platform to design and innovate in the field of healthcare, biomedical devices, and services to create a social impact.
  • Outcomes: Entrepreneurs, products, companies in the field of Healthcare
  • The center also provides rapid prototyping facilities for iterative designs, and edical device testing facilities for all pre-compliance testing of the developed devices.

Curriculum Highlights

  • The curriculum focuses on biodesign innovation through a structured plan of Product development containing
  • Clinical immersion to identify the unmet needs
  • Needs filtering and Needs Statement development
  • Impact and Stake Holder analysis and Market analysis
  • Ideation and brainstorming to develop solutions to the problems.
  • Implementation: Product Prototyping, Iterative Design Process
  • Product Design, Design Validation, testing, characterization and Standards
  • Regulatory aspects and Intellectual Property
  • How to be an Entrepreneur (Experts from Industry Mentoring sessions) with
    Business immersions and case studies
  • Business plan development and Strategies for marketing
  • The fellows get exposure to experts from clinic, medical device industry, entrepreneurs, IP/ legal and safety and regulatory experts.
  • Hands on training on 3-D rapid prototyping for quick designing of products, validation of ideas etc
  • A basket of technology electives from IITH to bridge the gaps in expertise related to the project
  • The fellows get training on how to form start up /new ventures and writing business plan for their start up and proceed to incubating the companies
  • The fellows would present a workable prototype of their idea and present the business plan at the end of the program leading to a startup and pitching to VCs.


CfHE was established since 2016 andwe have graduated 3 cohorts of entrepreneurs and the fourth batch is currently running. Seven start-ups are incubated out of the program into CfHE at IIT-H: NemoCare, BeAble, Kvayat, Haemac, AeroBiosys, ChemiOptic pct ltd, Jivika Solutions Pvt Ltd. All the start-ups have completed their product prototype and have won BIRAC start up grants for their product development. NemoCare has received the Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation Grant and many other prestigious awards for their innovative product addressing sleep apnea and sudden infant death syndrome in neonates. BeAble,which addresseslack of engaging and science- based neurorehabilitation setup for stroke patients, has received the Indo-US Endowment grant in collaboration with Steven’s University, USA. Jivika Solutions pvt ltd has also won the prestigious Bill and Mellinda Gates foundation grant Award for their proposal on “vaccination on Wheels” at the door Step. The successes of these companies is a validation of the rigor and optimal design of the program as well as the CfHE’s goals.

Call for Application

We are extending the fellowship call to 30th july

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