Electronics Workshop

Due to the complex nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the development of electronic devices. These experiments are used to test or verify the engineer’s design and detect errors.

  • Development Platform: Development platforms are circuit boards with micro-controllers, Aurdino boards, Raspberry Pi. They process inputs such as motion, light, touch, and temperature, and they control output such as lights, motors, and audio.
  • Interface Boards: Interface boards can be used with microcontrollers for wireless/bluetooth/cellular connectivity. They can be supplemented with Bluetooth Low Energy module and GPS module for connectivity
  • Sensors: Sensors are an important part of any electronic project as they help in getting the data from the environment such as motion, temperature, light, proximity, pressure, humidity, touch, and more. There is a wide selection of sensors available, but the ones to definitely stock in the lab would be accelerometer, inertial measurement unit (IMU) , temperature sensor, photo resistor, proximity, hall-effect, pressure, infrared, humidity and capacitive touch sensors.
  • Batteries and Regulators
  • LEDs, Motor Drivers, Audio, Displays, and Relays
  • Linear and Digital ICs
  • Passives, Transistors
  • Wires, Cables, Buttons, and Headers
  • Multimeters,Power Supply, Oscilloscope, Soldering Platform, Bread board