The Foundation for CfHE is a section 8 company and a DST approved Technology Business Incubator (TBI) incubating start -ups that bring solutions to healthcare needs of the masses of our country. Join hands with CfHE and support our time tested, one-year structured healthcare entrepreneurship education programme followed by seed fund supported incubation of healthcare start-ups at National level facility at IIT Hyderabad
We also invite you with pride to collaborate in our newly launched “Catch-them-young” program being implemented stagewise at professional colleges across the country through a Hub-Spoke model You can also participate by supporting the incubator to create, design and develop healthcare technologies directly or handhold our design and development assistance to our start-ups
All the above channels are recognised as viable channels for support through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding.

By partnering in our mission, you help to

  • Upskill the youth of the country
  • Create Start-ups for affordable and accessible healthcare
  • Address unmet healthcare needs of the country
  • Generate employment

Major Benefits to sponsoring organisation:

  • Be a part of Skill India / Make in India / Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Directly impact 25 fellows per year*
  • Directly impact 8000 undergraduate students per year**
  • Indirectly impact the 85% import gap in Medical Devices and Diagnostics in the country through the start- ups of the fellows upskilled under the program

Other tangible benefits:

  • Fellows supported will be known as “AAA – CfHE” Fellows; AAA is your esteemed organisation
  • Prime positioning in the passing out ceremony of fellowship program
  • All Technologies developed under support will be co-branded
  • Session presence at our annual Med Tech Symposium
  • Logo and support evidenced in CfHE Website, social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and LinkedIn and all promotional materials
  • Invitation to all networking events

Involvement of IITH

Director, IITH is the Chairman of the Board of CFHE. CfHE is fuelled by the mentorship of faculties from various
departments who impact healthcare technologies and business one way or other. CfHe has access to all resources
that IITH offers.

To know more

*Fellowship & Incubation Statistics

*Year wise Impact so far: 2017 (1, 2), 2018 (1, 2), 2019 (1, 2, 3)

**Hub – Spoke Model

Annual Reports

CfHE at a glance

CfHE Data Sheet

For getting in touch: csr@cfhe.iith.ac.in



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