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Kvayat Medical Pvt Ltd

Our mission is to improve the Quality of Life of the Bedridden and Ageing Elderly we touch by building value driven and innovative solutions with quality and trust as its core.

Faecal handling as a domain extends from care in-hospital to care of bed ridden patients at home and speciality centers. With 40 Billion patients bed ridden each year, the potential for impact is immense. A 3% market share in the next 5 years provides 300 M market offering across the globe. Furthermore, care for bed ridden patients itself stands as a unique vertical for multitude of offerings/ products. | +91 9652724241 / +91 7838301533 |


Abhay – Founder & CTO

He is an  Innovator, IIT Delhi alumnus and a BioDesign Fellow

Passion: Developing multiple innovative world-class products, solving unmet needs that reach the end-user at scale has always been my drive to become an innovator and entrepreneur. To pursue this passion of mine, I chose the fellowship at CfHE, IIT Hyderabad as my path to entrepreneurship after giving up my opportunity of further studies at Cornell University. Having experienced the unfortunate challenges of a compromised Quality of life of our grandparents bed-ridden over a very long period of time, I and my co-founder started Kvayat Medical with a vision to build products for the bedridden and the ageing elderly population.

Sai – Founder & CEO

He is a Doctor turned entrepreneur.

He believes in cross pollination of intellect, this eventually gives unimaginative outcomes. Set out to learn, build and manifest an impact.

The Team

Product Details


Toileting on the bed is the biggest challenge that bedridden individuals and their caregivers face. Not only is the dignity of the patient compromised, but also the Quality of Life of the caregiver in managing the stool. We are re-imagining stool management with the world’s first active flushable diaper like solution. It is a simple adhesive based disposable pouch (DiaPatch) connected to a bedside, first-of-its-kind, Negative Pressure Clearance Device (ActiFlush). Our proprietary DiaPatch is an easy-to-use consumable that stays outside the body providing a hygienic leak-proof collection of stool by keeping it completely closed and not exposing stool to the outside environment. The ActiFlush with its smart sensors detects and automates the flushing and cleaning of this stool instantly by unidirectionally redirecting the stool into a collection bag that can easily be sealed and disposed, keeping the skin healthy and highly sanitary.

Our device is the world’s first active stool management device. There has never been an active technology used to assist stool cleaning in a hygienic yet affordable way. Our uniquely designed disposable provides significant hygiene standards at lesser costs. We are providing a non-invasive alternative to the current solutions to eliminate complications associated with invasiveness. Our device instantly washes stool away from the patient, keeping the skin around the anus healthy and hygienic. No exposure of stool limits the chance of infections from the faecal origin. Ease of deployment and reduction of time spent toward faecal management increases nursing efficiency enabling them to focus on critical aspects of nursing.

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Achievements and Awards

  1. IKMC – 2020 by IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad – Best Medical Device Startup Winner,
  2. Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2019, Kolkata) – Runner-up,
  3. SCCI (Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – Recognised as top Indian Startup
  4. TIP 2020 finalist – invited to UAE to pitch at a global platform.