Dr. Gangadhar Taduri

Doctor & Professor in Nephrology, NIMS

Dr. T. Gangadhar is currently Professor of Nephrology and Head (UNIT – I), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. A recipient of Amedkar award for societal services in 2012 for his outreach services towards rural areas and trying to find the root cause and prevention of CKD. He is doing research projects funded by government, Department of Science & Technology & Indian Council for Medical Research in finding the CKDu and causes of CKD.
Currently holding various important administrative roles of like
2014- Till date as an Officer on Special Duty of Additional Responsibility at Government of Telangana Government under Health Ministry
2010 – Till date Medical Coordinator in Stem Cells in NIMS
2013 – Till date Treasurer Nephrology Forum of Twin states
Published 30 papers including 2 chapters, in International and National Journals and Textbooks, Journals include like Natural, SJKD, Kidney etc.

Some of his interests are:
1. Academic & Transplant Nephrologist delivering the clinical care in a university hospital catering to the entire state and neighboring states, has keen interest in training the graduate and postgraduates in clinical medicine.
2. Has a passion for the Community nephrology in prevention of kidney diseases at gross root level.
3. Translational research that aims at discovering various treatment strategies which have a great therapeutic value in future.
4. Telemedicine was enormous which at present is able to deliver the tertiary care to the remote locations.”