Nemo.Care, a CfHE Incubatee, Spotlighted in BIOVOICE MAGAZINE’s MedTech Feature

CfHE is excited to share BIOVOICE MAGAZINE’s Nov/Dec 2023 edition features a cover story on the rise of 10 trailblazing hashtagMedTech startups, putting a spotlight on innovation in the industry.

Among these innovators one is our incubatee Nemo.Care, a company with a mission to eliminate preventable neonatal and maternal deaths. 🌟 Their use of unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors, analytical algorithms, and big data is reshaping the landscape of maternal and neonatal healthcare.

Heartiest congratulations to Nemo.Care for this well-deserved recognition!

Kudos to BIOVOICE MAGAZINE for shedding light on these impactful initiatives shaping the future of MedTech! ✨

For a deep dive into NemoCare’s incredible journey, check out the full article here:

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