CfHE Explores Collaborative Frontiers with SISP and Vinnova, Ushering in a New Era of Health Innovation

🌐 Incredible Collaboration Exploration Journey Unfolding! 🚀

CfHE Explores Dynamic Collaborations with SISP and Vinnova, Thanks to Embassy of Sweden Support

CfHE is thrilled to announce a successful meeting where potential collaborations blossomed with SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and Vinnova, all made possible through the invaluable support of the Embassy of Sweden, represented by @Dr.Per-Arne Wikstrom!

🔍 Highlights of Engaging Interactions:

Our encounter exceeded expectations, featuring enriching interactions with standout Swedish startups. Special recognition to visionaries such as:

  • Shreya Kohli, Founder of Chimp AI.
  • Katarina Hedbeck, CEO of Tadagroups.
  • Per Jansson, CEO of Kruimedical.
  • Kush Punyani (Nestedbio), Managing Director with a passion for groundbreaking bio ventures.
  • Katarina Dalunde Eriksson (Thermaiscan), CMO pioneering thermal scanning technology.
  • Per Trossmark, CEO of RespiHeart.

Our startups, Cortex N Grey (CEO, Pramod S.) and Aerobiosys Innovations Private Limited (CEO, Rajesh Thangavel), delivered compelling presentations. Their insights and innovations promise significant contributions to the collaborative landscape.

🌟 Upcoming Initiatives:

This impactful collaboration sets the stage for transformative projects and initiatives, promising to redefine the future of health innovation. Stay tuned for updates as we advance towards realizing these exciting prospects.

🙌 Deep Gratitude:

Heartfelt thanks to the Embassy of Sweden for their pivotal role in fostering international connections and collaboration. Your support is instrumental in forging meaningful global partnerships.


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